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Ambulance Bishmal Bazar, New Road 4244121
Ambulance Kathmandu Model Hospital, Bagbzar 4240805,4240806
Ambulance Lalitpur Municipality, Pulchowk 5527003
Ambulance Nepal Chamber of Commerce 4230213
Ambulance Nepal Red Cross Society 4228094
Ambulance Paropakar 4251614, 4211959
Ambulance Shiva Sakti Yuba Sewa, Kathmandu 4478111
Lions Club of Kathmandu Central, Kathmandu 4472211
Strongtsen Bhrikuti Samajik Tatha Sanskritik Uthan Sangh, Boudha 4473166
Blood Transmission Service, Kathmandu 4229344, 4225344
Ayurved Hospital, Tundikhel 4221119
Bhaktapur Hospital, Doodh Pati 6610676
Bir Hospital, Tundikhel 4221119, 4223807
Bir Hospital Emergency, Tundikhel 4226984, 4221988
Birendra Police Hospital, Maharajgunj 4412530, 4412430
Birendra Army Hospital, Chhauni 4271940, 4271965
Blood Bank, Bhrikuti Mandap 4225344
Central Jail Hospital, Nakkhu 4212443, 4215466
Community Hospital, Jorpati 4470874
Eye Hospital, Tripureswor 4250691
Homeopathic Hospital, Harihar Bhawan 5522092
Infection Disease Hospital, Teku 4211112, 4211334
Kanti Children Hospital, Maharanjgunj 4411134, 4411140
Kantipur Dental Hospital, Bansbari 4371603, 4372976
Maternity Hospital, Thapathali 4253276, 4253277
Mental Hospital, Lagankhel 5521612, 5521333
Patan Hospital, Lagankhel 5522566, 5521048
Til Ganga Eye Hospital, Til Ganga 4476575, 4474937
TU Teaching Hospital, Maharanjgunj 4412707, 4412808
Bir Hospital, Tundikhel 4221119
Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Kantipath 4222890, 4230213
Marwadi Sewa Samati, Phasikeb 4255540,4255740
Strongtsen Bhrikuti Samajik Tatha Sanskritik Uthan Sangh, Boudha 4473166
Central Jail Guard, Tripureshwor 4253398, 4253308
Dilli Bazar Khar Guard, Charkhal 4414335
District Police Office, Kathmandu 4261790, 4261945
District Police Office, Lalitpur 5521350, 5521207
District Police Office, Bhaktapur 6614821, 6614708
Interpol Section, Naxal 4411210, 4412602
Nakhu Jail Guard, Lalitpur 5535381, 5521112
Police Headquarter Exchange, Naxal 4411210, 4410088
Police Traffic Office, Ramshah Path 4227348, 4227351
Police Traffic Office, Tourist Police, Bhrikuti Mandap 4247041
Regional Police Unit Office, Hanumandhoka 4262945, 4261360
International Flight Services, Kathmandu 4470311, 4472835
Night Taxi Service, Dharmapath 4244485, 4224375
Himalayan Rescue Association, Kathmandu 4262746
Himalayan Rescue Dog Squad, Pokhara 61-520374
Complaint for Maintenance, (Telephone,Telex) 198
Domestic Trunk, (Via Operator) 180
Enquiry 197
International Trunk Booking (For only India Through Operator) 187
Overseas Trunk Booking, (Via Operator) 186
STD & ISD Maintenance 182
ELECTRICITY (Power Failure)
Kathmandu Area
Balaju 4350896
Baneshwor 4474161, 4471201
Chabahil 4474164
Kirtipur 4330428
Kuleshwor 4272404, 4272402
Maharajgunj 4357219
Ratna Park 4227061, 4225584
Patan Area
Lagankhel 5525618, 5521365
Pulchowk 5523061, 5522043
Bhaktapur Area
Bhaktapur 6610065
Thimi (Old) 6610126
Thimi (New) 6610065, 6610319

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Visa Application Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Visa Pick-up Hours: 14:00 p.m. - 16:00 p.m
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Fact About Country

    lies on the southern slopes of Himalayas between China and India. In the north the mountains include the tallest mountain in the world Mt. EVEREST. The central upland area cut through by fertile valleys and along the border with India are cultivated areas. Nepal has a long and important history of Buddhism tradition. Sakya muni The lord Read More >>>

History of Nepal

    The recorded history of Nepal is centered on the Kathmandu valley and begins with the Kirantis who are said to have ruled for many centuries beginning from the 7th or 8th Century B.C. with their famous King Yalumber who is even mentioned in the epic, ‘Mahabharata’. The Gopalas who were herdsmen are believed to have ruled before the Read More >>>

Geography of Nepal

    Within a short distance, Nepal’s topography changes from the alluvial Gangetic plains suitable for agriculture to the frozen wastes of the Himalayan mountains. Between the two extremes lie the middle hills and the lesser mountains consisting of the Churia range and the Mahabharat lek as they are known. There are several inner Himalayan valleys with desert Read More >>>

Nepal Japan Friendship

    By virtue of their common Asian heritage, there is a strong cultural link between the people of Nepal and Japan. Asian values are deeply rooted in the society and people in both countries. Although Nepal and Japan are geographically distant, a spiritual bond has existed since the introduction of Buddhism to Japan in the 6th century. Long before official contact between the two countries, the people of Nepal and Japan established links and friend Read More >>>