Message from the Charge d’ Affairs

Krishna Chandra ARYAL
January 01, 2016

On the auspicious occasion of the New Year 2016, the Embassy of Nepal in Tokyo wishes blissful, meaningful and productive year to all and hopes that the bilateral relations between Nepal and Japan, so happily existing for long time, would further be strengthened and consolidated in coming days.

The Embassy of Nepal in Tokyo highly values the cooperation and generosity extended by the people and Government of Japan aftermath the devastating earthquakes in April 2015 and its powerful aftershocks then after. The Embassy also sincerely appreciates positive roles played by the Nepalese and Nepalese communities in Japan.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Japan. On this occasion, the Embassy reiterates its commitments to work together with all the friends and well wishers of Nepal to take Nepal-Japan relations to the new height of cooperation, understanding and mutual benefits.

Once again, Happy New Year!!!

Krishna Chandra ARYAL
Charge d’Affaires

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Fact About Country

    lies on the southern slopes of Himalayas between China and India. In the north the mountains include the tallest mountain in the world Mt. EVEREST. The central upland area cut through by fertile valleys and along the border with India are cultivated areas. Nepal has a long and important history of Buddhism tradition. Sakya muni The lord Read More >>>

History of Nepal

    The recorded history of Nepal is centered on the Kathmandu valley and begins with the Kirantis who are said to have ruled for many centuries beginning from the 7th or 8th Century B.C. with their famous King Yalumber who is even mentioned in the epic, ‘Mahabharata’. The Gopalas who were herdsmen are believed to have ruled before the Read More >>>

Geography of Nepal

    Within a short distance, Nepal’s topography changes from the alluvial Gangetic plains suitable for agriculture to the frozen wastes of the Himalayan mountains. Between the two extremes lie the middle hills and the lesser mountains consisting of the Churia range and the Mahabharat lek as they are known. There are several inner Himalayan valleys with desert Read More >>>

Nepal Japan Friendship

    By virtue of their common Asian heritage, there is a strong cultural link between the people of Nepal and Japan. Asian values are deeply rooted in the society and people in both countries. Although Nepal and Japan are geographically distant, a spiritual bond has existed since the introduction of Buddhism to Japan in the 6th century. Long before official contact between the two countries, the people of Nepal and Japan established links and friend Read More >>>